Sunday, 23 October 2011

After my first date with Bert we saw each other nearly every day! Either going out on our own or with other people. I was still very young and he was so nice to me. Made me feel great! Each day  I wondered when I would see him again! 

We ended up seeing each other every day at work! I remember a few of the other lads that worked there saying that I could do better than that! That I was a stunning person! I thought you obviously just want to get your leg over and he likes my personality! We would talk for hours, he told me that he'd got a girl pregnant that was 1 year younger than him. She had an abortion, of her own choice, but he said he would have been there for her and the child. But she didn't want to keep it as she was only 16. That was 2 years before we had met! 
I thought what an honest person, he didn't have to tell me that! 

I was so happy, I figured the way it all happened was so nice, almost like I was meant to work there if only to meet him! I was gone, hook line and sinker, besotted and would have done anything for him!

I started traveling to his by bus after work. He would say he can't walk to much because of his leg still hurting from the accident! I would feel so sorry for him. So I would get on two buses, to travel for 1 hour spend an hour with him and then travel back, he would walk me back to the bus stop and I would think what a gentlemen! Thought to myself, thought he was in too much pain to walk, then thought aww he has rested it all evening, and just thought it was nice for him to walk me when he was in pain! Kinda felt guilty about him walking me to the bus stop! Omg he started very early into the relationship! I have only just figured how early now!!!

Eights weeks into our relationship he took me out for a meal. We were sat in the lounge waiting for our table.
Then, it happened!  He went down on one knee. People were all looking and he started to get very nervous.
He said he had never met anyone so kind and caring as me! 
That I made him feel complete and that he would like it if I could be a part of his life! 
I said are you asking me to marry you? I was very shocked and overwhelmed! 
He said I suppose I am yes! 
Nobody had ever said anything quite so lovely to me! 

I said yes!!

Went home and told my parents! Well I couldn't hide it from them I was beaming!  They were a bit shocked, but you haven't known him that long, I said well does it matter and we are not getting married straight away! 
Mum said this is true, you could have a long engagement! She said he is very charming and I can see how happy he makes you! 

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