Sunday, 26 June 2011

The chase!

Well I had been working my job about three weeks. When a customer walked in hobbling slightly, with the use of a walking stick. 

He asked to see the general manager. So I was my professional self and asked him to take a seat in the cafe. He asked what my name was, "Anna" I said. He said "Hi Anna lovely to meet you" he shook my hand. I remember thinking what charming man. 

Part of my job was to answer the telephones. It is one thing I have always been good at and people have always remarked on how good my telephone manner is. 

Anyway a few days later, this "customer" phoned he said "Hello Anna, we met the other day" and asked to speak to one of the technicians. So I put him through. Minutes later that technician appeared "what do you think of Bert?" I said I can't really say as I don't know him. 

Then the next day, he phoned again and asked to speak  mike, mike then came up to me and said "so is Bert your type?" I said "Don't know that I really have a type!" I mean I was only 18 how can you have a "Type" at 18!

A couple of days later he came in to see management! Sasha was there, he said "she has a lovely voice don't you think and that smile that greets customers when they come in is beautiful!" I just blushed and looked at the floor. Sasha and Bert then went off and had a chat! She came back with a piece of paper, it had his number! She said "if you didn't guess he likes you and said you can give him a call any time"  
I said "I'm not calling him, no way! I don't know him" I was a bit embarrased, never called a man before, I wouldn't know what to say!

Anyway a couple of days later I was in the office and he phoned and asked to speak to Sarah, now Sarah, was stood right next to me! 
I could hear Sarah speaking! 
"well you could find that out for yourself!"
"ask her yourself!" and handed the phone to me. Bert was still talking on the other end. 
"no, do it for me please" he said
"do what?", I asked.
Well, he went quiet. Then he said "you have a lovely voice, very caring and captivating!"
"Thank you" I said. I was very flattered, who wouldn't be and thought he is even nicer than I thought!
"I was wondering if you would like to go to the cinema tonight?" he said
"why would I do that I don't know you!" I thought he might be a letch who wants one thing!
He then said "well you won't get to know me if you don't come out with me!"
Couldn't really argue that one could I.

So I met him, outside work that same night. 
We went in the bar for a drink. We chatted and he was lovely. Told me how pretty I looked and that he had not stopped thinking about me since he first saw me. 
I tried to play it cool "well just thought you were a customer, treated you the same as I would any other customer" 
Well you are very lovely. I must have blushed. Were we just about to go in the cinema next door. A girl called Caroline came up. She said "Hi" we were all chatting. She said she was bored, but had no one to hang with because they were all working.
He said "You are more than welcome to join us, if you don't mind!" 
I thought it was nice that he didn't want her to be alone! 

We watched Leon, which was an action film. He behaved like a gentleman. 
At the end of the night, he asked if he  could give me a kiss. By this point I was very attracted to his charming ways. So I said yes, expecting him to kiss me on the cheek. But he went straight for the lips. I was a bit surprised. It was just a gentle kiss. He then made sure I got into the taxi ok! 
I went home feeling very good about myself. I was a very shy girl, so didn't think anyone would notice me! 

Now if you were to ask him, none of that happened, he has never chased a girl in his life, he doesn't need to!!!  

Well I'll let you be the judge of that!